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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fight pain with pain..

When you've been in pain.

  1. heart broken.
  2. failure
  3. unhealthy

The cure of that pain is also a pain.
  1. forgetting person
  2. struggle to success
  3. medicine or worse, an operation.

Why it would be like that? Why we must through so much pain?
  1. if you did not feel the pain, you are not alive. you can be observed like a zombie. 
  2. pain is part of our life that need to be feel an be used to by help of another pain.

Can pain killer overcome the pain we suffered?
  1. you'll feel the pain until your soul leave your body.
  2. even pain killer cannot make sure you free from it.
  3. pain killer only makes you did not think about the pain.

Or maybe an antidepressant can help?
  1. the answer is no.
  2. sometimes, pain have a sweet taste.
  3. the problem is, most of us did not found the sweet tasted pain.

So, how do we endure the pain?
  1. love is a cure, but love is also a pain.
  2. success is a cure, but struggle to success is a road of pain.
  3. medicine is a cure, but medicine always simulate the pain before it heals.

The only way to overcome the pain is patient n ask help from Allah. 
  1. you will find it is not really painful. 
  2. you will find yourself stronger
  3. you will realize that you are not alone.

This pain I did fight long enough,but it always hurt when I've seen you. 
Why can't I just forgets you?
Its been 4 years already.

It always hurt me. 
It always find me to reminds me about you.
I know that, this is not the way to say it.
But I have nowhere to say.

I miss you.
I miss the time I prove myself to be better than you.
I miss the time I can see your smile.
I miss the time I danced with you.
I miss it all about you.

Because of you, I struggled until I can stand here. 
I want to be better than you. 
Since you disappear, I have lost.
I've lost my inspiration.
I want to see a light as bright as yours once more. 

Ahh.. Just write it down costs me so much pain. 


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